Best NCLEX Review Books

NCLEX review books are a great supplement to your full NCLEX review course. The comparison chart below lists the best NCLEX review books in an easy to read, side-by-side format and will help you better prepare for your upcoming NCLEX-RN exam.


NCLEX Review

Saunders Comprehensive Review NCLEX-RN

Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN

Kaplan NCLEX-RN Premier 2017

HESI Comprehensive Review NCLEX-RN

NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Exam Cram







TEXTBOOK Saunders Comprehensive  Review NCLEX-RN Lippincott Q&A NCLEX Review for NCLEX-RN Kaplan NCLEX-RN Premier 2017 Hesi Comprehensive  Review NCLEX-RN NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Exam Cram
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5,200+ Questions

 6,000+ Questions 2 Practice Exams

600+ Questions

700+ Questions 1,250+ Questions
PAGES 1,184 1,132 540 408 512
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Saunders Comprehensive Review (Rank: #1)


Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN exam is our number one ranked review guide. This is a very popular review guide among nurses, and is often purchased to supplement review courses nursing candidates enroll in, such as Kaplan’s review course which focuses more on test taking strategies and practice questions.

It features a very comprehensive and in-depth concept review to help you brush up on the material. The 5,200+ practice questions give you plenty of prep for the exam and contain detailed and thorough answer explanations. You can use the 1 practice exam to baseline your performance before your begin studying to assess your strengths and weaknesses in the different subject areas.


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Lippincott Q&A Review (Rank: #2)


Lippincott Q&A Review focuses heavily on practice questions instead of content and concept review. With more than 6,000 questions ranging in difficulty from easy to difficult, the detailed answer rationales will leave you feeling confident when it comes time to take the NCLEX exam.


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Kaplan NCLEX-RN Premier 2017 (Rank: #3)


Kaplan NCLEX-RN Premier 2017 is great for perfecting your test taking strategy. The chapters are broken down into easy lessons for concept review and contain practice questions and test taking tips. The 2 practice exams will help you gauge how you will perform on the actual test. You can take 1 test before you begin studying to establish a baseline and gauge which topics you need to spend more time reviewing. After working through the 600+ practice questions, you can take the second practice test to measure how much you improved your score, and feel confident going into the test. It also includes video tutorials which can be accessed online or on DVD.


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HESI Comprehensive Review (Rank: #4)


HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN exam is heavy on content review and lighter on practice questions than some other review books. It has great summary boxes throughout the chapters that cover key concepts critical to your success on the exam.


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Exam Cram NCLEX-RN Questions(Rank: #5)


Exam Cram NCLEX-RN features great reference sheets and practice questions, but is light on concept review.


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Best NCLEX Review Books

Rank NCLEX Review Book Price
1. Saunders NCLEX Review $52
2. Lippincott NCLEX Review $37
3. Kaplan NCLEX-RN Premier $31
4. Hesi NCLEX Review $51
5. Exam Cram NCLEX-RN $25

GraduateX NCLEX Review


GraduateX gives students a great study tool with which to pass nursing exams that are requisites for practicing medicine. With unique offerings and the industry standard approaches combined into one course, you’re going to have all you need to pass the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN exams.

Thanks to the suite of study tools that are available on the go, you can bring your study materials with you wherever you travel. Use the GraduateX test-taking strategies and advanced analytics to conquer the test in as little time as possible.


1. Accessgraduateximage1

If you’re like the average nursing student, finding time to study is one of the hardest parts of passing the test. This is why GraduateX gives students a year of access as part of its package. Whether you want to study for this entire period or simply get started and then pick up where you left off at a later point, this course will be there waiting for you for a full calendar year. Mobile tools enhance your ability to really take the course at your own pace!

2. Community

Part of the brilliance of this course is the community aspect. If you’re going to be a nurse in a hospital setting, you’re going to have to learn how to interact with your peers on a regular basis. For this section, you get to see what other students are asking or look at problems with which they are struggling. Using this function will help you figure out some questions of your own, which you can ask the GraduateX experts.

3. Expert Help

The questions in the GraduateX course are developed by experts, who also help to guide you through studying and taking the test with their finely tuned strategies. These experts are also available when you’re watching the lessons, as they can answer questions that come up during your video learning. With these sages of nursing providing advice, you’ll be adequately prepared to do well on the exam!

4. Value

graduateximage2GraduateX is an affordable option for nursing candidates who want to achieve certification without leaping into a financial abyss. For a year of access to top-rated materials, you’re not paying an arm and a leg. Since you can study over the course of a year, you can really tailor the program to your needs and your schedule. With the community aspect, too, you get an added bonus that’s included in the base course.

5. Guarantee

When it comes to study courses, there are some that simply don’t match the needs of specific people. This could be due to a different learning style or a lack of focus on a specific topic, but it just doesn’t always work out for nursing students. So, the GraduateX folks give you a chance to try it out for 30 days and then evaluate how successful it is for you! Unlike other courses, you get a full 30-day money back guarantee and repeat students get access if it is needed.


1. Basic

With some courses, you get an intense course that has a number of unique features and an impressive dashboard. This isn’t one of those courses, as it’s about as simple as it gets. There’s no interface that’ll wow developers or a suite of tools that’s going to separate it from the competition. GraduateX gives you a bare-bones study method that will get the job done, but nothing more.


GraduateX is a great NCLEX review course for the what you’re paying for the platform. You get mobile access, plenty of practice questions and videos, expert help, community support, and so much more. Your learning and study plans are tailored to your personal needs, ensuring you practice the parts with which you’re studying.

You’re not going to get access to any groundbreaking study tools with this course. However, you get exactly what you need at a very fair price. Studying at your own pace is always the most desirable option and that’s exactly what you get from GraduateX.



  • Price Range: $289
  • Instructors: Expert instructors available during class sessions
  • Study Time: More than 300 hours of video content
  • Course Features: Video courses, recorded lessons, references and reading material, mobile application
  • Practice Questions: Thousands
  • Course Delivery: Video & Live Online Q&A Sessions with Instructors

Learning Materials

  • Recorded Video Lessons
  • Practice Questions
  • Strategy Help
  • Key Terms
  • Test Plan

Student Support

  • Online Community/Forum
  • Live Questions Answered


GraduateX NCLEX Review

Price: $289 (NCLEX PN); $289 (NCLEX RN)

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Delivery: Recorded Videos, Online Question Bank, Online Q&A Sessions


GraduateX NCLEX Course Information

Rank GraduateX NCLEX Review Strengths
1. Experts
2. Community
3. Access
4. Value
5. Guarantee
GraduateX NCLEX Review
Written by: Bryce Welker
4 / 5 stars

Board Vitals NCLEX Review


Board Vitals offers comprehensive NCLEX RN and NCLEX PN review options which give students access to high quality questions from nurses and nursing educators in a frequently-updated online databank.

Questions come from leading medical publishers and NCLEX question writers, and consist of expert-reviewed board questions, so that test-takers are well-prepared for the type of questions they will see on the actual exam.


1. Customizable Practice Tests

Create your own customized practice tests by choosing the number of questions, difficulty level (easy, moderate, or hard), and the type of questions from various categories represented on the test. This makes it easy to tailor your exam prep to your specific needs and cuts down on wasted time studying topics you have already mastered.

2. Large Question Bank with High-Quality Questions

Their 3,100+ RN questions and 900+ PN questions come from medical publishers and NCLEX question writers, represent each of the 4 major areas covered on the actual exam, and follow the content distribution recommended by the NCSBN. Questions follow the format of the actual exam with a majority of multiple choice questions in addition to open-ended questions that require the correct answer to be written in. The NCLEX RN question bank tends to have a higher proportion of difficult questions than you’ll find on the actual exam, so you’ll be really well-prepared.

performance-analysis-img3. Performance Analysis

Their software identifies which areas you need to study more based on your performance on previous practice questions. After taking a practice exam, you can review the exam statistics. The course analytics suggest questions for further study based on your strengths and weaknesses.

4. Detailed Explanations

Those preparing for the NCLEX will want to know if they got a question right, but also why that answer is considered right or wrong, so Board Vitals provides detailed explanations and rationales for the correct answer in addition to references and links to relevant resources. The explanations include why a particular answer is correct as well as why the other selections are incorrect.

pass guarantee5. Free Trial and Pass Guarantee

Board Vitals is confident in its prep materials and advertises a higher than average pass rate on the exam. Certain options (the 3-month and 6-month courses) also come with a Pass Guarantee. You can also sign up for a Free Trial here, where you’ll get access to a selection of the 3,100+ questions available in the full RN course (or from 900+ questions in their PN course). There are several free practice questions in the Blog section of their site as well.


1. No Live Options or Access to Tutors

This is strictly an online database of questions and answers. If test-takers need additional help or explanations, they will have to ask other students, professionals or their clinical instructors for advice.

2. No Additional Review Materials or Lectures

There are no video lectures, supplementary reading materials, or other course content other than their Study Guide. This review course only offers students a large test bank full of practice questions and explanations as a way to study for the exams.

mobile imageConclusion

Unlimited 24-hour access from phones, tablets and computers to the Board Vitals Question Bank make it a perfect fit for busy, independent learners. One of the best features of this course is the explanation that follows each question and the concise list of references for why that answer is the correct choice. Test prep resources include study tips, blog posts and a study guide.

The question bank covers all question types you will see on the exam: multiple choice, hotspot, audio/video, multiple select and fill-in-the-blank type questions. You can create your own customized exams and review your exam statistics to see how you are doing and monitor your progress.

Board Vital’s NCLEX-RN and PN courses provide convenience and flexibility for busy nursing students studying for the exam. I highly recommend that you check out their free trial to see if this is the right NCLEX prep course for you. If you decide to purchase their course be sure to use this 10% off code: CRUSHEXAM



  • Price Range: $79-$129 (NCLEX-RN); $79-$129 (NCLEX-PN)
  • Practice Questions: 3,100+ (RN); 900+ (PN)
  • Course Delivery: On-Demand Access to Question Bank and Customizable Quizzes
  • Analysis and Feedback on Practice Test Performance
  • Take Exams in Timed Mode or Review Mode
  • 1, 3 or 6 Months of Access
  • Free Trial Period
  • Pass Guarantee for Certain Courses

Learning Materials

  • Practice Questions, Explanations, & References
  • Practice Tests
  • Study Guide
  • Study Tips
  • Blog

Student Support

  • Assessment Based Feedback
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Social Media


NCLEX-RN Review – On Demand: $79 (1 month), $99 (3 months), $129 (6 months)
NCLEX-PN Review – On Demand: $79 (1 month), $99 (3 months), $129 (6 months)

To save 10% OFF all BoardVitals courses, use code: CRUSHEXAM



Board Vitals Review Breakdown



1. Customizable Practice Tests
2. Large Question Bank
3. High Quality Questions
4. 10% Off Study Materials
5. Detailed Explanations
6. Free Trial & Pass Guarantee
Board Vitals NCLEX Review
Written by: Bryce Welker
4 / 5 stars
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